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Git Mohammad Jafari Sadr Kerman Lug( Rayan Graphic Academy
Git : industry-standard version control system for web developers
Initialize $ git init
Status $ git status
Add to Staging Area $ git add filename
Show differences $ git diff filename
Add to Repository $ git commit
Show Log $ git log
Show HEAD $ git show HEAD
Discard Changes $ git checkout HEAD filename
Unstage Changes $ git reset HEAD filename
Reset to commit $ git reset SHA
Show Branches $ git branch
Create Branch $ git branch branch_name
Switch to Branch $ git checkout branch_name
Merge a Branch $ git merge branch_name
Delete a Branch $ git branch -d branch_name
Remote is a shared Git repository that allows multiple collaborators to work on the same Git project from different locations.
Create Local Copy $ git clone
List Remotes $ git remote -v
Fetch remote to Local $ git fetch
Merge Master to local $ git merge origin/master
Push to Origin Remote $ git push origin
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